dental enamel

dental enamel
зубная эмаль

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  • Dental-enamel junction — The dental enamel junction, abbreviated DEJ,[1] is the boundary between the enamel and the underlying dentin that form the solid architecture of a tooth. It is also known as the amelo dentinal junction,[2] or ADJ. References ^ White SN …   Wikipedia

  • dental enamel — a hard, thin, translucent layer of calcified substance that envelops and protects the dentin of the crown of the tooth; it is the hardest substance in the body and is almost entirely composed of calcium salts. Called also adamantine layer, enamel …   Medical dictionary

  • Dental fluorosis — Classification and external resources A mild case of dental fluorosis (the white streaks on the subject s upper right central incisor) observed in dental practice ICD 10 K …   Wikipedia

  • enamel organ — n an ectodermal ingrowth from the dental lamina that forms a cap with two walls separated by a reticulum of stellate cells, encloses the anterior part of the developing dental papilla and the cells of the inner enamel layer adjacent to the… …   Medical dictionary

  • Dental anatomy — Adult and Baby teeth diagram. Note the non standard Dental notation (numbering) Dental anatomy is a field of anatomy dedicated to the study of human tooth structures. The development, appearance, and classification of teeth fall within its… …   Wikipedia

  • enamel hypoplasia — a form of amelogenesis imperfecta characterized by incomplete formation of the dental enamel. It may be transmitted as an X linked or autosomal dominant trait, or be associated with vitamin A, C, or D deficiency, measles, chickenpox, scarlet… …   Medical dictionary

  • enamel spindles — clublike structures in the inner third of the dental enamel, believed to be terminals of protoplasmic processes of the odontoblasts that have passed across the dentinoenamel junction …   Medical dictionary

  • Dental restoration — Intervention ICD 9 CM 23.2 23.4 A dental restoration or dental filling is a dental restorative ma …   Wikipedia

  • Dental composite — Dental composites. Dental composite resins are types of synthetic resins which are used in dentistry as restorative material or adhesives. Synthetic resins evolved as restorative materials since they were insoluble, aesthetic, insensitive to… …   Wikipedia

  • Dental papilla — Vertical section of the mandible of an early human fetus. X 25. (Dental papilla labeled at center right.) …   Wikipedia

  • Dental trauma — Dental traumatology redirects here. For the journal, see Dental Traumatology (journal). Not to be confused with Dental barotrauma. Dental trauma refers to trauma to the face, mouth, and especially the teeth lips and periodontium. The study of… …   Wikipedia

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